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"success is a destination found only by following the path of happiness"

**That is to say, I go after my own happiness by doing what I love and so long as I love what I do, success will follow.

When I was a kid, I recall spending my weekends creating stop animation shorts using only my action figures, some clay, and my dads 8mm camera.


Instead of watching TV at night, I'd spend hours editing photos in Photoshop 6.0, just to try and make my friends laugh.


In middle school, I was given my own powerful workstation in technology class because I always finished assignments early and the other computers "I couldn't run Maya 3D or Adobe Flash 6 properly".


Whether it was; getting in trouble for using too many roles of film in photo class, learning how to record my guitar riffs properly so I could share them with friends, or spending more time in an email formatting text than actually writing seems I've always had an interest in technology and creation. .